Dispatches from the Creation Wars

The AFA’s Anti-Gay “Logic”

The Human Rights Campaign is urging a boycott of Walmart and urging people to shop at Target instead because Target provides domestic partnership benefits for gay employees while Walmart doesn’t. Naturally, the American Family Association has its panties in a wad over it (though they themselves were recently boycotting Walmart because it’s too pro-gay for them). And here’s their bizarre reasoning:

Wildmon says HRC and their supporters are trying to make Wal-Mart pay financially for doing something good for the family, and Christians and other consumers need to show support by not allowing homosexuals to win their financial gamble against the store. He says that Wal-Mart is “doing something good for the family here; they’re refusing to recognize homosexuals as being married, and we encourage people to shop at Wal-Mart as much as possible.”

Okay Mr. Wildmon, I’d love to hear an explanation of how providing domestic partnership benefits harms “the family.” If Target gives insurance coverage to a gay partner, does it harm your family? It certainly doesn’t harm mine. It clearly helps that particular family by giving them access to medical care they could not afford. So exactly what family is hurt by it? Or is this like that gay marriage rhetoric where gay marriage will harm marriage without doing anything to any actual marriages?

What really bothers Wildmon, I suspect, is the notion of providing health insurance to a gay person. Medical treatment, obviously, subverts God’s divine punishment on those people. Gays are supposed to be sick, their illnesses are sent by God as retribution – and how dare we interfere with God’s divine wrath! And he thinks gays are the ones who are morally challenged.