Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Part 2 of the Crucifix Sweatshop Story

And it involves perfect non-denial denials from the Archdiocese of New York and the Association for Christian Retail. The Archdiocese says that there’s no “conclusive evidence” for the allegations (never mind the photographs, the testimonials, the smuggled production orders and invoices with their supplier’s name on them, the matching serial numbers between the product and the invoices, the fact that the crosses made at the factory are identical to the ones sold at the church and the fact that the supplier removed the “made in China” stickers) and furthermore that to even suggest such a thing shows “hostility and bigotry toward religion.”

The Association for Christian Retail, on the other hand, says that their supplier has gotten assurances from his supplier that the allegations are false. And gee, what incentive would he have to lie? Who are you gonna believe, your eyes or the word of an anonymous factory owner in China? As Charles Kernaghan put it, this is like asking Jack the Ripper if he respects young women. The ACR also said that the report contains “numerous inaccuracies”, but when I asked their PR person for an example of such an inaccuracy, she suddenly clammed up and refused to answer. Go figure. See all the gory details at the Michigan Messenger.