Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Sometimes when the stars align just perfectly, you get a confluence of events that changes human history forever; this, of course is what began the Age of Aquarius (it was either that or someone wasn’t listening when they were told not to take the brown acid at Woodstock). Today is such a day. The seventh seal has been opened, my friends; Robert O’Brien has been awarded the Idiot of the Month trophy that bears his name.

For what public display of utter stupidity did Mr. O’Brien merit such a prestigious award? Let me direct you to the comments on this thread over at Wes Elsberry’s blog. The post was an open letter to the Polk County School Board in Lakeland, Florida concerning their flirtation with putting ID into the science classrooms. Here’s O’Brien’s first brave leap in the dark:

I think I will write them with the recommendation that they drop common descent from the curriculum altogether without any recourse to ID; I would like to see you and your friends try to intimidate them in that case.

Well yes, Robert, that would be a brilliant idea if it weren’t for one little pesky thing: it’s already been tried. And it already failed. That was phase one of the anti-evolution movement where the plan was simply to ban the teaching of evolution. In 1968, the Supreme Court struck down such laws in Epperson v Arkansas. It was a 9-0 vote. Not exactly a close call. You cannot ban the teaching of evolution merely because it bothers some religious people any more than you can ban the teaching of a spherical earth that orbits around the sun because it bothers some of the same religious people. But please do write them and suggest it; it’ll be fun to watch. Naturally, Wes pointed out that little historical fact and here is O’Brien’s inane reply:

We are bound by the actual text of the Constitution, not stare decisis or the legal midrash that exists only in the heads of you and those of like mind.

However, even if one were to make recourse to the “Lemon test,” I fail to see how simply deleting common descent would run afoul of it.

In any event, I would like to see Barbara Forrest and the other members of the clown car try their luck at such a trial. Hopefully, the opposing counsel would bring up her asinine statement regarding evolutionary theory being indispensable to geology and other physical sciences, when it is clearly the other way around.

By all means, Robert, I’d love to see that trial as well. It would be a great deal of fun. You really should suggest it. Maybe you can even sign on to be an expert witness and make a little money like Dembski did. I bet the Thomas More Law Center would be glad to represent the school board again; anything, after all, to keep the donations coming in from the ignorant and credulous faithful.

Maybe you can even get another “conservative good old boy” (that’s what the IDers called Judge Jones up until he ruled against them, after which he became a dirty commie liberal activist Jew-loving bastard). And I can say quite confidently that the prospect would bring a smile to Eric Rothschild’s face. Perhaps you and Dembski could get together and come up with a case of scotch for a wager you won’t pay off when you lose.

For his ignorant fantasy of having come up with a winning strategy that was defeated in court by a unanimous decision before he was even born, Robert O’Brien is hereby awarded the Robert O’Brien Trophy as the Idiot of the Month. He is now an idiot2.