Dispatches from the Creation Wars

God to Punish America with Bad Leaders

So says the terminally loopy Jan Markell:

Jan Markell is a Messianic Jewish believer who directs Olive Tree Ministries in Minnesota. She shares that she is deeply disturbed about that summit, believing that the U.S. could pay a serious price for Bush’s continued push for a Palestinian state to be carved out of God’s covenant land.

“When Israel as a nation disobeyed, she got some pretty rotten kings. If she was in obedience, she got better kings — and we are entering an election year. I would hate to see America get judged because of what we’ve done, and the playing out of that judgment come through the election of 2008,” warns Markell.

So let’s get this straight: If we don’t do what God says, God’s going to punish us by giving us bad leaders. How exactly will we tell? They could scarcely be worse than what we’ve had when God, presumably, was not punishing us. If Bush is not God’s punishment, I shudder to think that God could do any worse than that. Is he putting Satan himself in charge?

Then there’s that ever-present free will problem. Our leaders are elected, so the only way God can impose such a punishment is to influence people to change their minds and vote for God’s punishment candidate. But that pretty much does away with that whole free will excuse that they use to get out of other logical problems. According to believers like Markell, we have free will…until God decides we don’t.