Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Remember the case from Kearney, NJ, where a student recorded his history teacher using class time to proselytize students toward Christianity? Well here comes a lawsuit on the other side. A student in Capistrano Valley, CA, has filed suit over a teacher making anti-Christian statements to his class, and he has recordings too. The Orange County Register reports:

Court papers cite statements tape-recorded by Farnan such as “Conservatives don’t want women to avoid pregnancies – that’s interfering with God’s work” and “When you put on your Jesus glasses, you can’t see the truth.”…

The lawsuit, which seeks unspecified damages and attorney fees, alleges that Corbett typically spent “a large portion of class time propagating his personal views to a captive audience.” He railed against Christianity and traditional Christian viewpoints on topics such as birth control, teenage sex, homosexuality and erectile dysfunction, according to the lawsuit.

Guess what? The kid is right. A public school teacher has no business using class time to make anti-Christian statements, any more than they should use class time to make pro-Christian statements. The full complaint has a list of quotations from those recordings and it’s quite clear that this teacher really has no sense of what is appropriate to say in a classroom and what is not.

He seems to think that being a teacher gives him a soapbox to rant about his political and religious views rather than teaching the curriculum. At one point he’s ranting about Rush Limbaugh and calls him a “fat pain in the ass liar.” Now whether you agree with that statement or not (he’s really not fat anymore, but the rest of it seems accurate to me), it is completely inappropriate in a high school history class. They’ve got a real case here and I suspect this teacher is, rightly, going to find himself in a lot of hot water.