Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Why I Call It the Worldnutdaily

You’ve got to hand it to Joseph Farah of the Worldnutdaily; just when you think he can’t possibly come up with anything more ridiculous than what he said last week, he digs even deeper into his bag and pulls out a perfect little gem of stupidity. You gotta see his latest column, titled Global Warming and Christian Discernment, where he says that the Holy Spirit helps him know that global warming is a hoax:

If any one should be prepared by their faith, their worldview, their belief in Scripture and their gift of Holy Spirit discernment to see through the deception of the global warming alarmists, it is the Christian.

Sadly, however, many of those proclaiming themselves as believers have been seduced by the worldly spirit of deception on what has become one of the defining issues of our time.

I call this sort of thing religio-babble. Phrases like “worldly spirit of deception” and the notion of some supernatural “discernment” are utterly inane. To dolts like Farah, you don’t come to rational conclusions by analyzing the evidence and making logical deductions from it, you just use your Secret Christian Decoder Ring. And if other Christians disagree with you, they’re obviously not using theirs properly. How amusing.

And it gets worse. The subtitle of this column on the front page link says, “Exclusive: Joseph Farah notes God alone controls world’s temperature, climate” (there’s that word “exclusive” again, which as always indicates that what follows is so mind-numbingly idiotic that only the Worldnutdaily would publish it). And he’s got a Bible verse to prove it, distorted perfectly for the occasion:

And this despite God’s promise in Genesis 8:22 that He alone controls the world’s temperature and climate, not man: “While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.”

Let’s modify that slightly to demonstrate just how stupid it is:

Environmentalists have perpetrated a hoax in their repeated warnings about dioxin in our water supplies. This despite the obvious fact that dioxin levels in water are controlled by invisible water wizards.

Well I feel better now. But here’s my favorite part:

Nowhere in the Bible does God directly or indirectly warn us of the dangers of carbon dioxide, a natural, non-polluting gas as necessary to life on our planet as oxygen.

Instead, God warns us about a real pollutant in our environment. It’s called sin.

That he managed to type that with a straight face is exactly why I call his rag the Worldnutdaily.