Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Thompson’s Ignorant Nativism

Here’s Fred Thompson pandering just as fast as he can in Iowa. Here’s the first stupid statement:

During what must’ve been a strenuous day of campaigning in Iowa, GOP candidate Fred Thompson told potential voters at his one-and-only appearance that immigrants deserve some of the blame for the mortgage crisis.

“A lot of them couldn’t communicate with the people they were getting the mortgage from,” the lagging Republican told an Iowa audience during his “Clear Conservative Choice bus tour,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

Is there any evidence that immigrants have a higher rate of default than non-immigrants? None that I know of. But wait, moments before he had said this:

Thompson’s stop in Mason City, Iowa, allowed him to play on Republicans’ fears of immigrants and riff on apparent frustration with hearing options in Spanish on recorded phone messages.

Janice Easley, one voter in the audience, was boiling with frustration at having to hear, “Para el espaƱol, prensa dos,” whenever she called the power company.

“Everything is in Spanish,” she said. “It’s sickening.”

“You are so, so right,” Thompson said, calling for English to be made the national language, before placing the blame for the sub-prime mortgage crisis on non-English-speakers.

So you see, the American mortgage crisis is caused by those horrible Mexicans because they can’t understand the lenders. And if the lenders seek to communicate with them in their own language to solve that communication problem, that’s “sickening.” That’s so, so…..stupid.