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Domestic Terrorists Still Bombing

With our current obsession over Muslim terrorists abroad, let’s not forget that there are domestic terrorists operating right here within our borders. Here’s a story of two men in New Mexico who firebombed an abortion clinic just a few weeks ago. They’ve now been arrested. And they are applauded by Christian terrorist groups like the Army of God. Prior to their arrest they declared:

This is quite a Christmas present, too bad both these babykilling abortion mills didn’t burned to the ground with the babykilling abortionists inside. In the Name of our LORD Jesus Christ, I pray these two saints are never identified or captured.

The AoG recently sent a death threat to a friend, one of my colleagues at the Michigan Messenger. This is very real and it is terrorism just as surely as the bombing of the World Trade Center is.


  1. #1 Raging Bee
    December 31, 2007

    But, no, we don’t really want to do anything about a terrorist until he comes from foreign soil with darker skin and is not of the majority religion.

    Um…actually, according to the post, the (alleged) perpetrators were arrested. Which just goes to show what works in fighting violent crime (normal police action) and what doesn’t (invading the wrong country under false pretenses).

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