Dispatches from the Creation Wars

A Good Saturday Night

Last night I helped run a charity event that was part poker tournament and part silent auction. I was just running the poker part, of course, but I decided I was going to bid on a recliner in the auction. About an hour before the bidding ended I looked and the highest bid was $130, so I put in a bid for $150. I didn’t figure there was any way that would be the winning bid, but I figured I’d come back just a minute or two before the bidding ended and if it was still a reasonable price I’d put in a higher bid.

Well the bidding ended at 11 pm, but by that time I was dealing at one of the poker tables so by the time I realized what time it was and got up there, they’d already collected all the sheets and weren’t taking any more bids. I figured there’s no way I had the winning bid, but lo and behold no one had bid higher. So I got a brand new recliner that the furniture store that donated it lists at $499 for only $150. Now I have to rearrange my living room to make room for it.