Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Ray Comfort’s Latest Idiocy

I know, keeping up with the idiocy of Ray Comfort would be a full time job. His latest moronic diatribe is about cowardly atheists supposedly not attacking Islam. He begins:

My new theory is that perhaps atheists evolved from the chicken, because they not only have chicken characteristics–a head, eyes, mouth, skin, neck, heart, earlobes and legs (homology structures), but they also have the chicken’s tendencies–they are chicken livered. They hang around Christians like annoying little bugs hang around light, trying to inject their poison whenever they can.

A whole paragraph, not a word of substance in it. Just what we’ve come to expect from an ignoramus who thinks the banana fitting in one’s hand is proof of God’s existence. But he’s just getting warmed up:

If you are an atheist, I hope I’m ruffling your feathers. I want to get under your skin and ask why you don’t have the courage to even whisper to Moslems what you keep shouting at Christians. Prove me wrong. Get onto a Moslem website and tell them that you don’t believe their god exists. Do your little “I don’t believe in Zeus” thing. Tell them they believe a myth. Talk about Mohammed as you do Jesus (use lower case for Mohamed). Do your “I don’t believe in the flying spaghetti monster” thing. Tell them that we weren’t made by a god (lower case), but that they evolved from primates (that will go down well). Also, let them know in no uncertain terms that the Koran is full of mistakes (give some examples), and that their mosques are full of hypocrites.

You wouldn’t dare, because you are chicken-livered. You know that they are not like Christians. Despite the “anonymity” of your little chicken coop, they would come after you to lop off your head. And when they find you, you would fall on your knees and be praying to God for help, quicker than I can move a fly swat . . . and I’m pretty quick. So, think about what you are doing, and think about how much you value your life. Then think about what we are telling you. Think.

Okay, I’m thinking. And I can’t see even the most tenuous connection between the premise and the conclusion here. What does Muslims killing people have to do with making Christianity true? I, for one, have blasted Islam on here and even reprinted the Danish cartoons. I guess that makes me not a coward. But even if I was, I can’t imagine how that would somehow support Comfort’s absurd beliefs.

And by the way, I’ll be happy to donate money to send Ray Comfort to, say, Karachi or Riyadh so he can preach his beliefs to the Muslims there as he dares atheists to do. Let me know when you wanna leave, Ray, I bet we can get a whole lot of evil unbelievers to pay for your plane ticket. Let’s see just how brave you are.