Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Conservative members of the Israeli Knesset have submitted legislation to ban gay pride events in Jerusalem.

The proposed amendment to Basic Law: Jerusalem, would enable the Jerusalem Municipal Council to ban gay parades and rallies for considerations of disturbance to public order, offending the public’s sensitivities or for religious considerations.

Very nice. If you can ban anything that might “offend the public’s sensitivities” or those of the religious, there’s really no point in pretending to be a free society at all. There is no limit to what could be banned on such a flimsy premise. Unsurprisingly, those behind the proposal are anti-gay nuts:

He said that if it was up to him he would put gays in rehabilitation centers “along with drug addicts and alcoholics”.

Zeev went as far as comparing the gay movement to a “plague that may destroy Jewish Israel”, adding that this “plague” should be dealt with “just as the Health Ministry is dealing with bird flu.”

Well at least he’s being rational about it.