Dispatches from the Creation Wars

D’Souza’s Continuing Idiocy

Dinesh D’Souza is back and he’s still peddling the “Muslims hate us because of liberals” nonsense. Naturally, the AFA is promoting that nonsense.

D’Souza has recently released the paperback version of his New York Times best-selling book The Enemy at Home: The Cultural Left and Its Responsibility for 9/11. He says leaders of the cultural left — individuals like Senator Hillary Clinton (D-New York), Senator Ted Kennedy (D-Massachusetts), Congressman Barney Frank (D-Massachusetts), journalist Bill Moyers, and filmmaker Michael Moore — have fostered a decadent and depraved society that angers and repulses other societies. D’Souza says the Islamic world does not realize that ordinary America is not that way.

Yeah, if only those dastardly liberals didn’t think that gays were human beings, Bin Laden would love us. And I’m sure the Wahhabis have copies of Bill Moyers’ Journal on an endless loop in their madrassahs. What an idiot. And here’s the best part:

It makes no sense, says D’Souza, for liberals to embrace Islam. “That’s the paradox. The radical Muslims are the most illiberal people in the world,” he adds. “In other words, they are … the people the most opposed to what you could call liberal values; and yet ironically it’s the liberals who don’t want to have a comprehensive strategy of fighting radical Islam.”

Okay, let’s map this argument:

1. Liberalism is to blame for Islamic hatred of the US because it’s evil and immoral
2. Muslims are extremely illiberal
3. Therefore if we got rid of liberalism, the radical Muslims will no longer hate the US

So D’Souza’s “comprehensive strategy” for fighting those who hate liberal values is to argue against liberal values. Sure, that makes sense. Again, what an idiot.