Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Via Balko, an absolutely ridiculous story out of New Hampshire. Some amusing fellow sent some “awards” to a local police station:

They were real looking enough. Three wooden plaques each embossed with a gold police shield, a small gun piece and each engraved with an officer’s name.

But these “plaques” sent to the police department Sunday were no awards. They came from a bogus address in Puerto Rico, supposedly sent from a former assistant district attorney and were in recognition for the officers being “corrupt.” They were dated “9-11-2007.”

And just to prove that he deserves those fake awards, here’s the police chief’s response:

As first reported on The Eagle-Tribune’s Web site eagletribune.com yesterday, police Chief John Romero has launched an investigation into who sent the packages. He said police are contemplating criminal charges, possibly at the federal level. Police yesterday dusted the plaques for fingerprints. Romero was one of the recipients of the so-called award.

Lawrence police also notified the postal inspector in Boston. The sender could face federal charges for using the U.S. Postal Service “to threaten, harass or intimidate,” Romero said.

Romero said detectives have a suspect in mind “based on similar harassing correspondence” he has received, but declined to identify the person.

Apparently Police Chief Romero has yet to learn the difference between “criticize” and “threaten, harass or intimidate.” You’re a public official, you dolt. You’re going to get criticized. And you can’t arrest those who do it, no matter how much you consider yourself the master of all you survey. He should be fired for even hypothetically believing he has such authority.