Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Bradfield’s Anti-Gay “Logic”

Our old friend Nathan Bradfield has written another ridiculous anti-gay screed that is rather amusing to read. He’s got his panties in a bunch over a booklet about sexual orientation sent to every public school in the country by a group of organizations that includes the American Psychological Association, the American Federation of Teachers and the Interfaith Alliance (see full text of that booklet here). You especially have to laugh at “logic” like this:

The question from homosexual advocates is always, “if homosexuality is a choice, why would one choose it if it causes all the emotional distress?” The answer is simple: The person made a poor moral choice. It’s the same reason we see school shootings.

This kind of stupidity really should be painful. How ridiculous is the notion that one just flippantly chooses to be gay – or that one just flippantly chooses to shoot up a school. This clueless dolt actually thinks that a teenager just waked up one day and thinks, “I think I’ll decide to be attracted to my same gender. It’ll be great. I’ll be ostracized from society, my friends will hate me, my parents may disown me, random strangers will beat me up. This is gonna be awesome!”

But even if that weren’t the case, his answer would still make no sense because it’s a tautology: “Why do people choose to do X? Because they choose to do X.” Brilliant. If I had made the choice to be straight, I might buy that people choose to be gay. But I didn’t. When I hit puberty, I was attracted sexually to girls. There was no choice involved.