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Gribbit: Even Too Stupid for STACLU?

By now you all know about John McCain disavowing the crude gutter politics of a radio talk show host in Ohio, who introduced him at a rally by repeatedly referring to Barack HUSSEIN Obama in a shoddy and pathetic attempt to feed into anti-Muslim fears and prejudice. I’ll give Jay from STACLU credit for this post, where he quotes another conservative blogger on why doing so is wrong. He quotes Captain Ed saying:

The intent makes all the difference. Those emphasizing the middle name want to drive home the heritage of Obama, specifically his father. It seeks to extend the urban myth of Obama’s supposed Muslim identity. The name “Hussein” has other connotations as well, a not-so-subtle link to Saddam Hussein, one of the worst dictators in recent times.

None of this is subtle, and anyone professing innocence of these intentions are either lying to us or lying to themselves. If we need to refer to Obama, his last name will suffice, or Senator Obama, or Barack Obama. Using the full name three times in an introduction makes it quite clear that the speaker wants to invoke a less-than-intellectual response to the likely Democratic nominee.

Yes, this is shallow and bigoted politics to play and even Jay and Captain Ed can see that. Gribbit, on the other hand, about 12 hours later posted this idiotic screed where he says the fact that John McCain disavowed such tactics shows that he’s “incapable of leading.” And you have to laugh at this kind of stupidity:

Look, what is the problem? Cunningham called him Barack Hussein Obama which is his name. CNN got their panties in a twist because the Political Apathetic American Lemmings* out there would get the idea that he’s a Muslim, which hasn’t been totally disproven by the way.

How in the world could that claim possibly be “totally disproven”? He’s spent his entire adult life going to a Christian church and professing to be a Christian, but a dolt like Gribbit can still rightly claim that this hasn’t “totally disproven” the claim that he’s secretly a Muslim. It’s not possible to disprove. To halfwits like Gribbit, this is seen as meaningful. It’s funny, even by STACLU standards, Gribbit comes off as particularly ridiculous.