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Religious Harassment Case Settled

Remember the situation in Indian River, Delaware, where a Jewish family were the victims of multiple instances of intimidation in the schools? That case has now been settled. The facts were truly stunning. When the family went to the school board to ask that their children stop being harassed over being Jewish, one community member stood up and said of their 11 year old son, “If you want people to stop calling him ‘Jew boy,’ you tell him to give his heart to Jesus.”

Jews on First has a report on the case and the settlement, the text of which can be found here. You may recall that after the suit was filed, Nedd Kareiva of STACLU posted the home address and phone number of the Jewish family and urged people to attack them, showing exactly what kind of asshole he is (just like our old pal DaveScot urged for the Dover plaintiffs, showing what an asshole he is too).

Here’s what the settlement requires:

The settlement announced today obliges the district to adopt a set of policies to prevent teachers and other employees from promoting religion. In addition to the policies themselves, as part of the settlement, The settlement includes a set of “real-world” examples illustrating how the policies will operate in typical situations.

According to Allingham, the concept of real-world examples originated with the plaintiffs, but was accepted by the school district. “The district offered a couple of its own examples that were incorporated in the settlement,” he said.

Additionally, the settlement requires all district personnel — including teachers, administrators and coaches — to read the religion policies and the accompanying examples and then sign a written acknowledgement that they have done so. Said Jane Doe: “We entrust our children to our public schools. It’s crucial that the teachers and guidance counselors who are in daily contact with them understand the boundaries of religious establishment and expression.”

Sounds like justice is finally being served.