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TMLC to Defend Sally Kern

Against what, exactly? I have no idea. Nor do they. But the Thomas More Law Center, ever eager to get their name in the press, sent out an alert declaring:

Richard Thompson, President and Chief Counsel of the Thomas More Law Center, a national Christian public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, called Representative Kern “a courageous Christian woman,” and announced today that the Law Center has agreed to represent her in any misguided legal action arising out this controversy. The Law Center will be assisted by its local affiliated attorney, Bill Kumpe.

One obvious question comes to mind. What misguided legal action? Kern is not being sued by anyone; it’s difficult to imagine any possible grounds for doing so in this country (unlike some of our allies we do not have laws against hate speech, nor should we have them, nor will we likely ever have them). Even less conceivable is any criminal action. So what exactly are they promising to defend her against? Criticism? Yeah, good luck with that.

I like how they also lump everyone criticizing her together:

Representative Sally Kern has received over 27,000 vulgar, hate filled e-mails, her life has been threatened, her son falsely accused of being a homosexual, her financial supporters contacted and asked to no longer support her, and a leading homosexual activist entered her husband’s church last Sunday and took notes on her husband’s sermon.

There’s nothing the least bit illegal about contacting her financial supporters and asking them to stop supporting her. After all, this is what “family values” groups do to companies that sell things they don’t like all the time, isn’t it? There’s also nothing the least bit illegal about going to her husband’s church to hear what he’s preaching about.

As for those 27,000 emails, I would be willing to bet that there are no more than a handful of death threats among them. And those should, of course, be turned over to the police and those who sent them should be tracked down and prosecuted. I sent her one of those emails and it was perfectly polite. I merely asked for citations for those “studies” she claims show that no country that has “embraced” homosexuality has survived more than a few decades. No answer, naturally.

I’m sure the bulk of those emails just tell her how crazy and stupid her position is. Is the Thomas More Law Center going to defend her against such criticism? Sorry, there’s this pesky thing called the first amendment that protects such communications. And if it bothers her to be called out on her crazy and stupid beliefs, perhaps she shouldn’t have such crazy and stupid beliefs.

And what would a religious right “alert” to their followers be without an obligatory “they’re trying to destroy Christianity” screed?

Continued Thompson, “Radical homosexual groups are attempting to curtail Representative Kern’s constitutional rights to free speech, and use that speech as a platform to push for anti-Christian “hate crime” laws. In effect, their goal is to criminalize Christians and Christian beliefs. “

That sound you hear is the sound of a straw man being beaten to death by the terminally ridiculous Richard Thompson.


  1. #1 Alex, FCD
    March 20, 2008

    Can you be prosecuted for death threats?

    Yep. According to the USDOJ, it’s worth a maximum of five years in prison. A google search of ‘”death threat” convicted’ turned up dozens of cases:


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