Dispatches from the Creation Wars

PZ Expelled from Expelled

For an overdose of irony, you have to see PZ’s account of being expelled from a screening of Expelled. Let’s count the levels of irony, shall we?

Level 1 is obvious: he was expelled from the movie Expelled

Level 2: They interviewed him to put him in the movie, but they won’t let him see the movie.

Level 3: They didn’t let PZ in, but they let Richard Dawkins in. Here’s Kristine’s first-hand account of the whole thing, which tells what happened:

THOSE FASCIST FUCKS THREW PZ OUT OF THE THEATRE RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! The only reason that they didn’t throw Dawkins out is that they were apparently too fucking stupid to recognize him! They didn’t even recognize him when he sat through the film – not until he rose to speak, after being called on – by said producer, MARK MATHIS – at the Q&A. Holy shit, the blood drained from his face then!

Level 4: They lied about the reason they wouldn’t let PZ in:

This is what I overheard from a theatre employee named “Jared” to PZ: “The producer said that you are not allowed to attend the screening, because you don’t have a ticket, and you were not invited. This is a private screening.” Nomad, did you have a ticket? Were you invited? Didn’t you click on that “please fill the theatre, please, please,” link and subsequently get, as I did, an e-mail that said, “TICKET NOT REQUIRED”?

So there were no tickets required, no one in line had a ticket, but PZ was not allowed to go in because he didn’t have a ticket. And remember, these people are the ones who constantly tell us that “Darwinism” leads to rampant immorality and yet they are the ones who are always telling lies like this when it’s convenient. Liars for Jesus, baby, liars for Jesus.

And the award for the most ridiculous display of hypocrisy by an ID advocate goes to….the producers of Expelled.