Dispatches from the Creation Wars

The anti-gay loonies have come up with another buzzword: “jamming.” The reaction to Sally Kern’s rank bigotry has been dubbed “jamming”, which refers to the fact that she got nearly 30,000 emails criticizing her for what she said. And this, says the Worldnutdaily, is just despicable:

In chapter one of his best-selling book “The Marketing of Evil,” WND Managing Editor David Kupelian exposes the powerful marketing strategies used by the “gay rights” movement to “sell” Americans on homosexuality as a healthy alternative lifestyle. One key tactic for accomplishing this is called “jamming.”

“Jamming is pure intimidation,” said Kupelian. “And what homosexual activists are doing right now to Sally Kern is a grotesque case of jamming. Basically, they’re trying to silence her by threatening, intimidating, harassing and frightening her until she can’t take any more abuse. No dialogue, no debate – just crush her. That’s their game. It’s despicable, and utterly un-American.”

And when the American Family Association, Focus on the Family and other groups that they support run campaigns to bombard individuals, groups and companies that do things they don’t like? When they run organized boycotts with prewritten emails that their followers can sign their name to and send off with a click, flooding their opponents with a torrent of emails to register their outrage?

Well due to special, lucky, magic reasons, that’s not despicable and utterly anti-American. You really have to laugh when these idiots get so desperate that they’re claiming that criticizing people you disagree with is part of the “radical gay agenda.” 30,000 people sent her emails telling her she was wrong. Those people are right. And to pretend that criticizing her is the same as censoring her is simply idiotic. But then again, we’re used to that kind of bullshit from these people, aren’t we?