Dispatches from the Creation Wars

More Lies from Expelled Producers

The New York Times picked up the story about PZ being denied entry to a screening of Expelled while Richard Dawkins was allowed in. It contains easily demonstrable lies like this one:

But Walt Ruloff, a partner in Premise Media, the film’s producer, said the screening was one of a series the producers have organized for the film, which opens April 18, in hopes of building favorable word-of-mouth among people likely to be sympathetic to its message. People like Dr. Myers and Dr. Dawkins would not have been invited, he said.

Same excuse they used when they pulled PZ out of line, saying he wasn’t invited and he had no ticket. Here’s why this is obviously a lie: go to their RSVP system for the screenings of expelled. This is an open invitation to the public, not private invitations sent out, and if you RSVP you’ll get an email that clearly says “YOUR NAME WILL BE ON A LIST AT THE DOOR. NO TICKET IS NEEDED.”

So their two excuses for keeping him out of the screening are:

1. He wasn’t invited to an event that the entire public was invited to attend. And,

2. He didn’t have a ticket to an event for which tickets were not issued.

And this is on top of the major lie they told about the origin of the film, which Kristine asked about during the Q & A session. They told those they interviewed that the movie was a balanced look at the evolution/ID controversy and it was going to be called Crossroads. But they registered the websites for Expelled in January 2007 and the interviews took place in April 2007. Guess what? No websites for Crossroads were ever purchased. Yet another blatant lie.

So keeping in mind that they are lying through their teeth with their excuses for their blatantly hypocritical behavior, read this passage and see how credible it looks:

Mr. Mathis said in an interview that he had confronted Dr. Dawkins in the question and answer period after the screening and that Dr. Dawkins withered. “These people who own the academic establishment and who have great friends in the media — they are not accustomed to having a level, open playing field,” Mr. Mathis said. “I watched a man who has been a large figure, an imposing figure, I watched this man shrink in front of my eyes.”

Monty Python and the Holy Grill comes to mind, with Mathis as the Black Knight – ‘It’s just a flesh wound.” I’m not going, but I RSVPd as Alfred Wallace from the Association of Dead Naturalists (Grand Poobah, of course).