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An Unholy Alliance

I can’t be the only one who cringes while reading this article about the king of Saudi Arabia proposing that the three major Abrahamic faiths work together to combat things they mutually dislike. That can’t end well.

“If God wills it, we will then meet with our brothers from other religions, including those of the Torah and the Gospel to come up with ways to safeguard humanity,” he added. The king, who is the guardian of the holy sites of Mecca and Medina, said the major faiths shared a desire to combat “the disintegration of the family and the rise of atheism in the world”.

Here’s the part that really provokes a reaction from me:

According to the official Saudi Press Agency King Abdullah said “I have noticed that the family system has weakened and that atheism has increased. That is an unacceptable behavior to all religions, to the Koran, the Torah and the Bible. We ask God to save humanity. There is a lack of ethics, loyalty and sincerity for our religions and humanity.”

Okay, let’s be blunt here: I’m just not inclined to accept lectures about ethics from a brutal dictator whose regime beheads people for being of the wrong religion, puts gay people to death and has roving gangs (they call them police) whose job is to beat women who leave the house unattended by a male relative. You’re gonna lecture me on ethics, you fascist asshole? Fuck you. And your little god too.


  1. #1 Al
    March 28, 2008

    That could not have been a cooler response. I would really like to say that to the bastard’s face.

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