Dispatches from the Creation Wars

On Friday, the marketing company for Expelled held a teleconference “press junket.” I got an invitation to my personal email and they sent an invitation to the entire Panda’s Thumb crew. So some of us took part in the call; after all, they explicitly invited us (I listened for about 15 minutes and it was clear that they were screening the questions by requiring that they be sent by email; I hung up when I couldn’t stand listening to Ben Stein make a fool of himself with idiotic pronouncements. And here they are lying about it yet again, as told by Denyse O’Leary at UD:

I was in a press conference this afternoon for the Expelled documentary (about scientists who are persecuted for questioning Darwinism and other materialist evolution theories). Ben Stein, the film’s lead, producer Mark Mathis, and others were there.

Mathis confirmed that he kicked PZ Myers out of the film to make a point (Myers endorses the destruction of the careers of those who question Darwinism, yet he was really upset about getting booted from a film).

And … Myers apparently somehow got into the press conference itself! – “under false pretences” according to the moderator.

Sorry, Denyse, but this is pure bullshit. PZ was invited to the teleconference. So was I. So was the entire crew of the Panda’s Thumb. I can only assume that the PR company arranging these things is ridiculously incompetent and doesn’t know how to keep the “bad guys” out of things. But rather than owning up to that, the producers of the movie would rather lie and say he “snuck in” under “false pretenses.” And remember, this is from the people who keep telling us how evolution causes immorality. Another irony meter bites the dust.