Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Ilana Mercer Responds

Ilana Mercer has responded to my criticism of her calling Barack Obama by his middle name in order to give the false impression that he’s Muslim (scroll to the update at the bottom). And I have a feeling you’re going to find her answer rather amusing. She did it because it rhymes:

So why did I originate–and use now on two occasions–the “Hillary, Hussein McCain Axis of Evil” appellation?

For one, because it sounds good. This writer is a sucker for the sound of words. The rhyme is irresistible. Writing is a bit of a craft. I know I’m a throwback in this respect.

Well yes, rhyming is a good thing. If you’re writing children’s books, that is. But it makes a rather silly excuse for what is clearly just an attempt to denigrate a political opponent by playing into what you surely must know is a very popular and, more importantly, false accusation against him. I’m sure if you looked you could find other people’s middle names that rhyme with other words you might use in a column; that this is the only instance in which you do so is quite telling.

I’m afraid this is not the place for anemic, prissy writing.

Now bear in mind, folks, that the same person who is now taking a bold stand against anemic, pissy writing previously wrote this statement:

I might be mistaken, but I fear that what has emerged from Sciabarra’s many fascinating personal accounts is a liberal and permissive narrative about sexuality that serves to denude sex of its Randian majesty and meaning.

Yes, this is the appropriate place to point and laugh.

Obama is the media’s messiah; Hillary their punching bag; McCain their pet “maverick.” Me you can trust to pick apart this unholy trinity. They’ve all been subject to forceful comment here.

Okay, so which is it? Was it just having a little fun with a rhyme or was it a “forceful comment” meant to expose the media’s messiah? You really need to pick one of those arguments and stick with it because they conflict.

Finally, lighten up. Or please take the inquisition elsewhere.

Touchy, touchy. Someone questioning something you write is hardly the inquisition, lady. Lighten up, indeed.