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Shaking Hands and Kissing Babies

Something tells me this guy isn’t going to win the nomination:

A congressional candidate is defending his speech to a group celebrating the anniversary of Adolf Hitler’s birth, saying he appeared simply because he was asked.

Tony Zirkle, who is seeking the Republican nomination in Indiana’s 2nd District, stood in front of a painting of Hitler, next to people wearing swastika armbands and with a swastika flag in the background for the speech to the American National Socialist Workers Party in Chicago on Sunday.

“I’ll speak before any group that invites me,” Zirkle said Monday. “I’ve spoken on an African-American radio station in Atlanta.”

Genius. After the party, they chased the Blues Brothers through a mall.


  1. #1 Prup aka Jim Benton
    April 25, 2008

    As Orcinus also points out, when asked about the group, he said:
    “When asked if he was a Nazi or sympathized with Nazis or white supremacists, Zirkle replied he didn’t know enough about the group to either favor it or oppose it.”

    This guy should get into congress, just so “Ten Commandments” Westmoreland can have someone he could feel intellectually superior to.

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