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Bush 41 Pimps for Moon Again

And did you see one article anywhere in the mainstream media about it? I’ve not seen one that even mentions that on May 2nd, the former president and father of the current president, George HW Bush, was paid by the world’s most prominent fascist cult leader to give yet another speech on his behalf, with Moon on the same stage. And it happened right in Washington DC, where the media has no excuse for not knowing about it. Zero mention in the media. And once again, the ex-president gives specific praise to this lunatic:

“However, too many citizens these days are becoming disengaged at a time when we need more involvement, more debate, and more foreign exchanges,” he said. “That’s why the work of the Universal Peace Federation and The Washington Times is so important, and I thank Rev. Moon and salute all of you for coming here to address these urgent issues.”

There are many more details at Talk2Action, including this snippet from Rev. Moon’s address to the group:

“We are entering into a new and hopeful time,” said Rev. Moon in his remarks, “And all of us are being called – whether we know it or not – to bring our best efforts to bear on creating a new culture of peace, centered on the ideal of one family under God.”

The phrase “One family under God” is the motto of the Universal Peace Federation, one of Moon’s primary front groups, but it’s not nearly as innocuous as it sounds. Remember that Moon is referred to as the True Father in that family and that he claims to be the Messiah sent to finish the mission that Jesus failed at.

The media silence on this is absolutely staggering to me. While the cable news shows and blogs obsess over Rev. Wright, not a single major media outlet covers this story about an American president in a decades-long relationship with a man who has spoken openly of taking over the United States and establishing a one-world theocracy under his rule. Absolutely mind-boggling.