Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Remember John Freshwater, the Mt. Vernon, Ohio teacher accused of burning a cross in the arm of a student (among many other things)? The parents still wish to keep the identity of their family secret (and given the harassment of any students not demonstrating for the teacher, I don’t blame them), but a friend of mine who knows them has seen pictures of the kid’s arm has given me this description of what he saw. I reprint this with the permission of the parents:

I saw a photo of the burn on the boy’s arm, and it’s very clearly a 1st (and maybe 2nd) degree burn. The pic I saw was taken four days after the incident and it’s still red and inflamed. The upright of the cross is roughly 6″ tall on his forearm, and the crosspiece is around 2″-3″. It ain’t teeny tiny. The father has more pics taken sooner after the incident.

Two things to be noted. First, the person who saw these pictures has emergency medical training, so his diagnosis of a 1st or 2nd degree burn is not just a wild guess. Second, the parents and the student who was burned are Christians themselves but they are appalled by Freshwater’s behavior and they want him gone.

By the way, here’s a description of the device used to burn the cross:

The make and model of the device alleged to have been used to burn crosses on the arms of students in December is BD-10A, manufactured by Electro-Technic Products Inc. The company describes the device, which is a variation on the Tesla coil, as a hand-held unit which generates a high voltage at a high frequency.