Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Good god. On the Ridiculous Overreaction Scale this one is an 11. The right wing blogosphere has its panties all bunched up over an ad for Dunkin Donuts with Rachael Ray in it, where she’s wearing black and white scarf with a vague resemblance to the one Yasser Arafat wore on his head for so long. Little Green Footballs accuses Dunkin Donuts of “mainstreaming terrorism to sell donuts.” Michelle Malkin says she’s willing to give DD and Ray the benefit of the doubt – for now.

Jesus Christ, these are the same people who think Judas Priest encourages their fans to kill themselves backwards on their records and thinks Tinky Winky is gay. Get a grip. I doubt the perpetually vacuous Raechel Ray even knows who Arafat is, for crying out loud. May all these idiots drown in a vat of EVOO.


  1. #1 Hume's Ghost
    May 26, 2008

    “I always suspected Dunkin Donuts of being a wacky left wing propaganda outlet…”

    They’re beyond satire. One of the commenters in the Malkin thread said – in all seriousness – that the people working at the Food Network are anti-American fascists.

    I liked this comment


    “This has to be one of the most ridiculous things I have ever read here. She is wearing a scarf. Do you hate Muslims and Middle Eastern people so much that you can find their hidden agenda even in a doughnut ad? Should we dress like John Wayne and Ma Ingles to make sure everyone knows how American we are?”

    And this one at Balloon Juice


    ‘I, for one, plan to follow Malkin’s lead by boycotting the education system until “Algebra” is renamed “Liberty Math”. I’m also thinking of boycotting … any brewery and distillery that doesn’t substitute the phrase “Democracy Juice” for “alcohol”.

    That will show them.’

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