Dispatches from the Creation Wars

D’Souza and Rev. Moon

There’s an interesting story about Dinesh D’Souza and Rev. Moon in John Gorenfeld’s new book Bad Moon Rising. During Moon’s stay in prison in the early 80s, the Unification Church began a massive PR campaign to resurrect his reputation, particularly among Christian churches and conservative leaders. Kits were sent out to thousands of churches, ministers and organizations that urged them to view Moon’s imprisonment on tax evasion charges as an attack on religious freedom by secular humanists.

At the time, Dinesh D’Souza was a young scholar at the Heritage Foundation and he wrote an article for Policy Review, the house journal of the Foundation, about Moon and his involvement with so many prominent conservative leaders. He interviewed a large number of conservatives about Moon. The article was titled On Moon’s Planet: The Theology and Politics of the Unification Church.

He noted that a number of prominent conservative individuals and organizations had accepted Moon’s money over the years. But he also noted, “Others keep their distance but are not willing to say so publicly. One reason is a reluctance to embarrass friends at the Washington Times.” He told Eric Alterman:

What I can’t figure out is whether Moon is trying to purchase respectability for his theology, or whether he wants to jettison his theology in order to purchase respectability for himself.

It seems that D’Souza has managed to get over his discomfort over taking money from Moon, however. In May 2007, while promoting his book that claims that liberalism is to blame for provoking the Islamic terrorists, he was paid to speak at an event in Washington DC sponsored by the Universal Peace Federation and the Washington Times Foundation. All of a sudden, he claims total ignorance. “I know almost nothing about Moon,” he told Gorenfeld in an email. Right.