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Men Charged Under NC Sodomy Law

A law which was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 2003. The News Observer reports on a case where police were summoned to a home where one man claims the other man assaulted him, but they ended up arresting both men and charging them with “crimes against nature,” which means the sodomy laws that were overturned by Lawrence v Texas. Long excerpt below the fold:

Raleigh police first charged Nelson Keith Sloan, 40, of Grand Manor Court, who called them to his apartment about dawn, saying he had been attacked.

Police later filed the same charge against Ryan Christopher Flynn, 25, of Glen Currin Drive.

They also charged Flynn with simple assault for biting Sloan. And they charged him with communicating threats by telling Sloan he was going to disembowel him and show him his innards.

“This looks like a case of a consensual act that may have gotten out of hand,” said Raleigh police Capt. T.D. Hardy. “The law is still on the books. Our detectives got involved in it last night and decided this was the best thing to do. What the D.A.’s office will do with it, I don’t know.”

Sloan, however, said he was the victim of an assault.

“I didn’t allow anything,” he said Saturday after being reached at home by phone. “They knew it and turned it around and arrested me. I have never been so humiliated in all my life. It’s just awful.”

Police did not charge Flynn with any sort of sexual assault.

Absolutely absurd. Why was Sloan arrested for anything at all? He accused Flynn of assaulting him, but no one apparently accused Sloan of anything other than violating a law that can no longer be enforced. The Raleigh police seem to be engaged in their own form of sodomy – having their head inserted up their ass.