Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Okay folks, it’s time to award another Robert O’Brien Trophy for Idiot of the Month. And this month’s winner is a real doozy: Linda Harvey of Mission America. She’s receiving the trophy for this stunningly idiotic anti-gay screed. Do not read it while drinking a beverage; the urge to spit-take may be overwhelming and you could ruin a keyboard or monitor. Long excerpt below the fold.

Can a society create more homosexuals? The answer quite clearly is yes. That is how current homosexuals, in fact, came to be. There is no evidence–none– for a genetic origin for homosexuality. That may come as a surprise to many people, but it’s true. It’s even more astonishing when one realizes how many influential groups and people now accept homosexuality as inborn for some, but when you look behind the rhetoric, you find that there is nothing but wishful thinking. For an excellent paper debunking this myth, see Culture and Family Institute’s article at http://www.cwfa.org/images/content/bornorbred.pdf .

In view of this, the promotion of this behavior to our children has incredibly destructive potential, yet this unprecedented trend is occurring with few objections by parents.

People, especially the young, can be seduced into homosexual behavior and have their identity molded around the homosexual lifestyle, through a combination of persuasion and circumstances which may include the following:

• Being convinced homosexuality is acceptable;
• Reading or viewing explicit homosexual pornography;
• A close relationship with a peer who is practicing homosexuality;
• Admiring an older teacher or mentor who is homosexual;
• Attending homosexual social venues (a “gay” club, bar, church youth group);
• Being homosexually molested;
• Having parents who espouse liberal values;
• No strong ties to a conservative church, and hostility toward traditional views.

Did you have parents who espoused “liberal values”? Do you have friends or people you admire who are gay? Clearly you’re gay, or on your way to becoming gay. And if you had strong ties to a conservative church, you’d know that. But here’s my favorite part:

Strong religious faith, especially traditional Christian beliefs, often act as a protective barrier to the development of homosexual desire. When children grow up trusting God as the Designer of masculinity and femininity, and if they are not sexually molested or other traumatic events happen to assault their innocence, their feelings will likely be channeled toward heterosexual sex within marriage as an obvious and desirable goal. The truth imparted by the Holy Spirit in young believers hinders the harmful absorption of the culture’s deceit, about homosexuality as well as many other issues.

Funny, she doesn’t bother to mention folks like Ted Haggard, Maya Keyes, Mary Cheney, John Schlafly, Richard Socarides and the many other people with “strong ties to a conservative church” and parents who espoused conservative values who are nonetheless gay. Nor does she mention the untold millions of people like me who have close relationships with gays and grew up with adults in my life I admired who were gay and yet – to Harvey’s apparent surprise – are not gay. None of the many gay people I have known and cared about have ever even suggested that I should be gay. They think I should be who I am (and I return the sentiment).

Linda Harvey, on the other hand, should not be who she is, which is an ignorant bigot spewing bullshit. But she is. And for that she is this month’s Robert O’Brien Trophy winner for stupidity above and beyond the call of duty.