Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Meet Jason Van Dyke

I’ve posted a time or two about the MSU chapter of Young Americans for Freedom. YAF is a conservative group that’s been around for decades with chapters on college campuses. One of my good friends was involved with the MSU YAF chapter back in the 80s and it was just a typical group of conservative students back then. These days, under the (recently resigned) leadership of a young man named Kyle Bristow, it has become a really repugnant bunch of bigoted punks.

My friend and Michigan Messenger colleague Todd Heywood has been following the antics of this group for quite some time. When he told me last fall that this particular chapter of YAF has become a hate group, I was frankly skeptical. But that was before I watched them bring in Nick Griffin, head of the openly racist British National Party, to speak and heaped praise on him. Griffin advocates the forcible expulsion of all non-whites and non-Europeans from England.

And it was before I found out about Bristow’s friendship with and advocacy of Preston Wiginton, an American skinhead leader who brags about “beating down a mud” (that is, dark-skinned person), which he calls “a rightous (sic) act of collective preservation.” The SPLC has a new article about Wiginton which details a lot of his white supremacist activities that, literally, span the globe (he spends part of the year in Russia working with skinheads there). Wiginton came to MSU with Griffin last October.

Now meet Jason Van Dyke, the self-styled “legal adviser” to the MSU YAF chapter. Van Dyke is an attorney in Texas, but he used to attend MSU. Back in 2000, Van Dyke had some legal problems at MSU. He struck a plea bargain and later had the record expunged. Todd Heywood received the documents about that arrest from the court in East Lansing last year and wrote about them.

Van Dyke then filed to have those records sealed. Todd went to court to argue against sealing them, arguing that as a public figure who has inserted himself into a public controversy and as an officer of the court in Texas (where he practices law), the public has a right to know and he as a journalist has a right to report on Van Dyke’s history of illegal actions. This week, the judge agreed with Todd and refused to seal the records.

Van Dyke’s response only reaffirms all the reasons why his vile actions and views should be known to the public. Just to show you what a contemptible thug Van Dyke is, check out what he has to say about it:

AIDS Infected Faggot and his Moonbat Buddy Are Playing With Fire

AIDS-ridden highway rest stop bathroom connoisseur Todd Heywood may not like what he gets when he plays with fire. When I first heard that he managed to convince a judge to essentially ignore the law and the clear intent of the Michigan legislature, I thought about just letting this one go. The truth of the matter is that Todd Heywood will die a horrible death due to complications from AIDS and will be screaming and rotting in Hell before I am even halfway into my career. Unfortunately for him, I don’t think there are any reststops on the road to the Malebolge – although I am sure he will find himself in the company of an entire legion of faggots.

Suffice to say, I am not going to let this stand. I plan on filing an Application for Leave to Appeal with the circuit court by the end of next week. In the interim, I am nearly finished compiling the information needed for a lawsuit that I intend to file against these two moonbats. Maybe, after spending a fortune on legal bills only to end up paying a hefty judgment, they will think twice before they tangle with me again.

Gotta love the pseudo-macho bluster. Even more, you have to love the fact that he just ducks right into the punch and only affirms the judge’s ruling with his reaction. This is precisely why the public has a right to know about Van Dyke. Indeed, I wonder what the Texas Bar Association would have to say about the situation. There are standards of behavior for attorneys that are stricter than the average person because they are considered officers of the court.

Van Dyke’s whole argument to the judge was that this information getting out could hurt his legal career and subject him to ridicule. And he’s right, of course. But they should hurt his legal career and they should subject him to ridicule. And the judge obviously agrees. Now he claims he’s going to sue the judge. What he calls “slanderous attacks” are simply the truth and truth is, of course, an absolute defense against defamation charges (which he claims he’s going to file against Todd).