Dispatches from the Creation Wars

The month isn’t even halfway over yet, but we have found a worthy recipient of the Robert O’Brien Trophy as the idiot of the month. Hell, this guy might qualify as the Grand Poobah Dumbass of the century: Tom Willis. In this bizarre rant, Willis not only argues – quite seriously – that “evolutionists” should be ineligible to vote but that they should be “violently” removed from society. Seriously.

Perhaps you’re not familiar with Tom Willis. He’s the founder of the Creation Science Association of Mid-America, based in Kansas. He’s probably the only creationist who is so ridiculous that I would rank him below Kent Hovind – and just pause for a moment to ponder just how ridiculous one would have to be to be worse than Kent Hovind. He’s not just a creationist, mind you, he’s also a geocentrist. Yep, he’s that far gone.

He begins his ignorant rant:

Evolutionism was/is the apologetic foundation for the faith of predatory capitalism, Germany in WWI, the USSR (from 1918 to this day), NAZI Germany, Fascism in other European countries, and Socialism in all of Eastern Europe beginning about 1945. It was also a major justification in the defense of slavery in the 1800’s against Christian opponents. In those nations evolutionist, anti-Christian, anti-creationists killed more people, from the late 1800’s to today, than all the wars combined for the last 2000 years. Evolution formed the apologetic framework for justifying the harshest of cruelties during this period as well.

This is not to say that evolution is the only excuse for human cruelty, merely that a logically consistent pursuit of evolutionary theory has been used to justify atrocious crimes on the grandest scale in human history.

Fascinating. Evolution, when applied in a logically consistent manner, leads to both “predatory capitalism” AND communism, to both Nazi Germany AND the Soviet Union. Tom, if an idea can be used to justify entirely opposite conclusions then it cannot possibly have been applied in a “logically consistent manner.” This should be clear to anyone with an IQ above that of a randomly selected paint chip.

And you have to love the claim that evolution was a “major justification in the defense of slavery in the 1800s against Christian opponents.” Do we really have to dig out the voluminous religious defenses of slavery offered by Christian ministers and by virtually everyone in the confederate leadership? Or the fact that the Bible explicitly endorses slavery? Or the fact that Darwin himself was an opponent of slavery while his most prominent creationist critics supported it? Nah, all of that would go right over Willis’ head anyway.

Should Evolutionists Be Allowed to Vote?

* They do not and can not know the purpose for Man. In fact, all of them believe Man has no purpose.

* Therefore, they cannot make informed judgments about how men should behave toward each other, or what would be “good” or “bad” for any group of men to do, or not do.

* Thus, they have no sane foundation upon which to base “laws” or rational for insisting that other men obey the laws.

* Thus, the religion they profess to believe renders them incapable of participating in any decision about what men ought to do. But, that is the purpose of all law.

* Therefore, in a sane society, evolutionists should not be allowed to vote, or influence laws or people in any way! They should, perhaps, make bricks to earn enough to eat.

Lest you believe he’s just trying to be funny here, he makes it clear that he actually means it:

The arrogance displayed by the evolutionist class is totally unwarrented (sic). The facts warrent (sic) the violent expulsion of all evolutionists from civilized society. I am quite serious that their danger to society is so great that, in a sane society, they would be, at a minimum, denied a vote in the administration of the society, as well as any job where they might influence immature humans, e.g., scout, or youth, leader, teacher and, obviously, professor.

Yes, the fact that he advocates the violent expulsion of those he disagrees with from society while at the same time accusing other people of arrogance IS the punchline to the joke.