Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Reisman on Kozinski

You knew that intrepid (and ridiculous) anti-porn crusader Judith Reisman would have much to say about Judge Kozinski and the infamous porn “website” (which was not, of course, a website at all but a private server misconfigured to allow an enterprising snoop to move from directory to directory). And you knew that her reaction was going to be overwrought and irrational. And it is:

But Reisman, citing the images including a pictorial of a woman saving her pubic hair and other images of masturbation, public sex and contortionist sex, said the case has gone far beyond just having Kozinski’s judgment called into question.

“He’s got a massive conflict … and significant additional problems,” she told WND.

“What we find as [some people] in the public eye are falling, they have totally lost their boundaries. Having this kind of material on any kind of website already indicates that he has lost his way, his boundaries, his perceptions,” she said.

“The power of somebody who has a hidden pathology over others in the judicial system [is alarming,]” she said.

She likened the situation to an epidemic of cholera, where the disease is rampant sometimes before significant symptoms appear.

“The effects on people in terms of decision-making … are so serious,” she said.

Then there is the next step, too, she said – those individuals who have been sending Kozinski such material, and to whom he may have been sending it.

“He ought to be removed from the bench obviously. He ought to be investigated,” she said.

“[Expecting] any woman or child or family or Christian or any traditional American … to get justice in this kind of a system is ludicrous,” she said.

“This is a judge with no judgment,” she said.

Apparently, if you find anything sexual to be the least bit amusing – remember, all of these pictures and videos were made to be funny, not arousing – then you can’t make good decisions about any legal issue. I’m sure there’s some alternate universe where such a statement makes sense, but it isn’t this one.