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Stephen Baldwin: Super Pundit

How ridiculous do you have to be to put Stephen Baldwin on the air as a political pundit? About as stupid as Baldwin himself, I imagine. Fox News did it and the results are below the fold.

Just imagine how stupid you have to be to be the unanimous choice as the dumbest Baldwin brother.


  1. #1 jpf
    June 30, 2008

    More Stephen Baldwin wackiness can be found at The Official Stephen Baldwin Website (are there unofficial ones?)

    He’s one of the leaders of OSU (which is apparently the anti-USO), a crypto-Christian group (note the lack of “straight upness” on their site about their agenda) that proselytizes to military troops under cover of entertainment. They were apparently the ones that wanted to send that Left Behind: Eternal Forces game to the troops, as well as something brilliantly called “Military Crusade in Iraq”.

    He’s also the celebrity endorser (or as they call it, a “troop”) for The Breakthrough Ministry (sponsored by Interstate Batteries):


    Our mission is to lead the world’s youth to the spiritual truth that Jesus Christ is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and the one and only way into the kingdom of Heaven and to eternal life.

    The Weapon

    Our anointed movement will include a radical extreme sports arena tour across America, titled the Assalt Arena Tour. This tour will utilize skateboarding, bmx freestyle, and extreme freestyle motocross in addition to live awesome Christian music and choreographed laser lights and multi media entertainment on jumbo trons throughout the show.

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