Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Day One Report

There’s some good and some bad to report. I went to Detroit on Tuesday night and got a hotel room so I could get a good night’s sleep before my flight on Wednesday. The problem was that I couldn’t connect to their wifi. I spent an hour and a half on the phone with their tech support and they couldn’t get me connected. Then I had to spend a half hour arguing with the manager to refund my money so I could go to another hotel. Finally got that done. I had work to get done last night and had to be online.

Today got better. Got upgraded to first class for my flight to Austin – go me. That made the flight to Austin much more pleasant and we actually landed a half hour early. Ran into Josh Rosenau by the baggage claim, which was good because he’d forgotten his cell phone back in San Fran and I wasn’t gonna be able to reach him if I hadn’t run into him. Good fortune for both of us since we had to speak together later.

DarkSyd picked us up from the airport, over to the hotel to change clothes and wipe off the sweat – it’s seriously hot here – and we were picked up by Clare Wuellner of the Center for Inquiry – Austin, who took us to Ruby’s BBQ. Good stuff, had dinner with Steve Schafersman of Texas Citizens for Science and Chris Comer, the former science specialist now suing the Texas Education Agency for wrongful termination.

From there we went to the joint meeting of CFI – Austin and Texas Citizens for Science, where Josh and I gave presentations. They went very well, got some good laughs with the same speech I’m doing for the conference on Friday. Then we all went off to some pub for beer (or coke, in my case). DarkSyd’s comment: “I leave you alone for two hours and you wander off and find a college party.” Yep, that’s me: party animal supreme.

Tomorrow the only thing I really have to do is the dinner with my readers from the area. I’ll get registered at the conference, probably take in a panel or two and get caught up email and other stuff.