Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Ooh, what could it be? Child porn? A peeping Tom? Nope. Scott Conover was arrested for taking a picture of a police officer during a traffic stop.

A Johnson County sheriff’s deputy arrested Scott Conover for unlawful photography.

“He says you took a picture of me. It’s illegal to take a picture of a law enforcement officer,” said Conover.

Conover took a picture of a sheriff’s deputy on the side of the road on a traffic stop. Conover was stunned by the charge.

“This is a public highway,” said Conover…

“He said if you don’t give it to me, you’re going to jail,” said Conover.

Here’s the punchline: the cop said in an affidavit that he thought the guy had pointed a laser at him, but the guy had an IPhone, which doesn’t even flash when it takes a picture, much less give off a red light. And if that’s really what he thought the guy did, why did he arrest him, as it says in the cop’s affidavit, for “unlawful photography”? And once he found out it was a cell phone camera, why did he still charge him with pointing a laser at a police officer? Sounds like a pack of obvious lies to me.

Worse yet, they actually chased this guy down to arrest him. He had pulled away and the cops followed him to arrest him. You gotta read the cop’s affidavit. It’s hilarious. Isn’t it about time the police figured out that they can be photographed and videotaped in the performance of their duties? And isn’t it about time a few of them were fired for violating someone’s rights in this way?