Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Asking For Your Help

It’s been a year and a half since I’ve asked for help for a dear friend of mine, so here’s an update. We did manage to get the CGMS (Continuous Glucose Monitoring System) she needs to regulate her blood sugar and it has been an enormous help. She no longer has the huge swings in blood sugar that did so much damage to her health previously. But the need is ongoing. Her insurance covers the insulin pump, which lasts for years at a time, but it won’t pay for the CGMS itself or for the monthly supplies.

The monthly supplies cost about $300 and I’m able to raise those funds myself for the most part. The problem is the CGMS, which should last anywhere from 9 to 18 months. It is now 12 months old and still working, but it will likely not last more than another 6 months – and the replacement cost is about $1000. So I’m asking my readers to help out if they can and help us build up a fund so we have the money on hand to buy a new one when this one goes out. Ultimately, we’re hoping that Connie will end up getting a pancreas transplant and not have to have any of this equipment anymore. She had to go through some treatments for another ailment in order to qualify for the transplant list and is how having the testing updated so she can be active on the list and can get a transplant if a compatible donor becomes available.

You all have been extraordinarily generous to me over the last few years and I appreciate it more than I can express. If you appreciate what I do, the greatest gift you can give me is to help me help someone I love very much. If you can’t help in these tough economic times, I certainly understand. But if you can spare a little money, you’ll be helping keep a wonderful person around a bit longer. You can do it one of three ways:

Go to Connie’s blog and make a Paypal donation.

Make a paypal donation to me by clicking on the following link:

Or if you don’t have a paypal address but would like to help, please email me and I’ll send you an address you can send a check or money order to. Thank you all very much.