Dispatches from the Creation Wars

McCain = Giuliani

Joe Biden’s famous quip about Rudy Giuliani — “There’s only three things he mentions in a sentence — a noun, a verb, and 9/11” — is rapidly becoming true about John McCain as well, just replace “9/11” with “war hero.” When Katie Couric asked him about not knowing how many homes he owned last week, McCain started waxing eloquent about Cindy’s father, from whom she inherited her money, fought in WW2 and how he, as a former POW, knew what it was like not to have a kitchen table, etc, etc.

My favorite line was when he said that “I am blessed to have the opportunity to continue to be part of a country where you can succeed and do well.” Unless, of course, you succeed and start eating arugula. When Obama succeeds and does well that makes him a “celebrity” who doesn’t have to worry about his family budget. McCain was the one who made this an issue and it sure as hell ought to backfire on him. And this idiotic blather about war heroes has absolutely nothing to do with it. Video below the fold.