Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Dinosaurs Helped Build the Pyramids

You have to see this thread at Free Republic about a school in Malta called the Accelerated Christian Academy that teaches young earth creationism. Accelerated, you say? Well of course. Just look at what their director says is taught:

But the curriculum of the Accelerated Christian Academy in Mosta is not exactly free of such fanciful reinventions of history. Fenech reiterates the basic Evangelist tenet that the entire universe was created in 4004 BC… and this time, he also supplies “proof”. “When man landed on the moon (in 1969), they expected the landing module to sink in a deep layer of dust. But the layer was only a few inches deep. This proves that the universe is still young!”

Of all of the young earth “proofs” this may be the single most ridiculous. Apparently, NASA was not only stupid but the men aboard the Apollo spacecraft were suicidal. According to the absurd measurements cited by creationists, the dust layer on the moon was expected to be hundreds of feet thick. That would mean they “expected” the lander to sink so deep it would never get back out.

But wait…maybe NASA isn’t so stupid. Maybe, just maybe, they actually knew long before men ever landed on the moon that there was only a thin layer of interstellar dust on the moon. Maybe they got that information from the multiple unmanned lunar landers that were sent up by the U.S. and the Soviet Union years before the manned mission went up. After all, that was the purpose of sending up those unmanned landers, to send back information about the moon to help us plan the manned missions. Ya think?

But my favorite part of the article is when Fenech, the head of this “accelerated” school, says that the dinosaurs were alive with human beings and helped the Egyptians build the pyramids. No, seriously:

This is the word of Vince Fenech, Evangelist pastor and director of a fully licensed, State-approved Creationist institution which admits children aged between four and 18. “Of course the ‘dinoceros’ existed (as Fenech pronounces the word). It is mentioned in the Book of Job. They were used to help build the pyramids,” he says, adding that this latter observation is only “his personal belief”, and that it does not form part of the school’s curriculum.

I’ll wait for you all to stop giggling….


Please don’t forget to read the comments. I love the argument about how ancient drawings that look like dinosaurs proved they must have lived with dinosaurs. Yet we don’t live with dinosaurs today and we draw pictures of them all the time. Amusing.