Dispatches from the Creation Wars

After all of the hullaballoo over how the Democratic party would handle the Michigan and Florida delegates at their convention, which has long been solved, now it appears that the Republican convention may have a nasty fight over two competing delegations from Nevada. The Wall Street Journal reports:

Two Nevada delegations are packing their bags for the Republican National Convention Sept. 1, and if the latest party ruling stands, neither of them will be seated.

A fiasco at the state convention spawned the dueling delegations — one for John McCain and one for Ron Paul — and their continued wrangling has exposed a split in the party that may spell trouble in a key state for the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

Here’s how things got to this point:

In April, riding high on a second-place showing in the Silver State, the grass-roots Paul supporters were well represented and well organized at the Republican state convention. Winning a key rule change, the Paul delegation began electing a majority slate for its candidate, when party officials dropped the gavel, turned out the lights and adjourned the convention indefinitely.

The state party leadership went on to appoint a slate of McCain delegates to the national convention by private conference call. Meanwhile, the spurned Paul faction gathered for its own “reconvention” to produce a competing delegation. In a decision Aug. 5, the national party’s contest committee recommended against seating either slate, citing flaws in the selection process. The fate of Nevada’s 34 seats at the Republican National Convention may not be decided until the final days before it begins.

This could be interesting to watch.