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Michael Moore: Shut the Hell Up

You know, I watched this show live and cringed when he said it. Michael Moore on with Keith Olbermann said on Friday night that if Hurricane Gustav hits New Orleans during the RNC, that would prove there is a god. Seriously. Of course he laughed it off as a joke and said he hopes no one dies, but so what? That’s what the Republicans say when they make jokes like that and we don’t accept that excuse then. I’m not accepting it now either. Moore needs to shut the hell up and Olbermann should have called him on it. After all, Olbermann did bash Bill O’Reilly for joking that he wished Katrina had hit the UN building. Let’s be consistent. Video below the fold:


  1. #1 James Hanley
    September 1, 2008

    I have a long piece that is held up waiting for approval. I will just note this, in anticipation of Ed eventually noticing it and letting it appear.

    Curt made a good argument.

    I linked to two sites that present the claims of the bank (one of them also presents Moore’s rebuttal). I think the links are what held up the post (or its inordinate length), so here I will just put in the URLs without links. (OK, second try–this time I took out the “http:” so the blog won’t recognize them as links–if you want to check them out, you will need to add the “http:” back in.)

    1. Chicago Sun-Times technology writer Andy Ihnatko.//www.cwob.com/movies/oscars2003/bfc.html.

    2. Roger Ebert: //rogerebert.suntimes.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20030406/ANSWERMAN/304060303

    In brief, Curt’s post makes me soften my stance a bit. I won’t call the bank/gun bit a lie. However the comments from the bank’s employees cast doubts on Moore’s account (sorry, demo, no baseless assertions here), so I remain unconvinced about the veracity of the scene.

    And as I note near the end of that post, I never expected to spend so much time debating Moore. He’s really not important enough to me to spend this much time on. Feel free to believe him, but I will continue to doubt him.

    My only critical response to Curt’s comment was his implication of making bald-faced assertions. I think I’ve provided enough other clear argumentation on this thread that that particular comment was not justified. But as I said, Curt actually provided some evidence rather than demanding that I bear all the burden of it, and he caused me to soften my stance. Kudos. I am, as always, persuaded by logic and evidence.

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