Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Robert Greenwald has a video interview with Dr. Philip Butler, a former POW who was imprisoned in the Hanoi Hilton with McCain, in fact he was there 2 1/2 years longer than McCain. He also went to the Naval Academy with McCain. He blasts McCain for exploiting his POW status for political gain and for other things as well:

Having lived across the hall from John McCain at the U.S. Naval Academy prior to combat, Butler was a close witness to McCain’s famously volatile temperament. “He was very sensitive and touchy and just easy to anger,” says Dr. Butler. “John McCain is not somebody I would like to see with his finger near the red button.” Butler continues, “John McCain’s temperament makes it clear that he is not cut out to be President of the United States.”…

Other military veterans agree with Butler’s criticism of McCain’s exploitation of his P.O.W. story. Writes Brandon Friedman, a veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan and author of ‘The War I Always Wanted’: “To see McCain resort to playing the POW card when answering legitimate questions, in my mind, cheapens that experience. And by cheapening his own experience in war, he degrades all of our experiences in war. He turns the horrific incidents we’ve all seen, touched, smelled, and felt into a lame excuse to earn political points. And it dishonors us all.”

I could not agree more with that. Watching him try to use his POW experience as a “get out of uncomfortable questions free” card, as when he tried to get out of answering questions about his gaffe about how many houses he owns, just made me cringe. If you were one of the 600 men who were POWs along with him, wouldn’t you be irritated by that?