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Nickell on CNN

Joe Nickell, senior researcher for the Center for Scientific Inquiry, will appear on CNN this afternoon to discuss exorcism and religious con man Bob Larson. He is to appear at 2:45 EST. I got to meet Joe a couple months ago and really enjoyed talking with him. He’s worth watching.

Fukuyama Endorses Obama

The latest major conservative to endorse Obama: Francis Fukuyama, author of The End of History, third generation Straussian, student of Allan Bloom and colleague of Harvey Mansfield, William Kristol and Paul Wolfowitz. He writes in the American Conservative:

On Monday, I interviewed Maurice Thompson of the Buckeye Institute, the group who filed a RICO suit against ACORN in Ohio. I asked him if he could provide any examples of someone actually getting to vote illegitimately as a result of any action by ACORN and this was his answer: “Yes. New Mexico during the…

Dan Perrin’s Delusions

Dan Perrin is a Republican strategist. In this post at RedState, he demonstrates why no Republican candidate who wants to win an election should even consider hiring him to do anything other than empty the trash cans at the office. There are seven serious, historic, demographic and other wise culturally compelling reasons Senator John McCain…

Liddy Dole’s Desperate Bigotry

Facing the prospect of losing the election next week, Elizabeth Dole is trying even harder to provoke some old-fashioned anti-atheist bigotry. Video of her latest ad below the fold.

Robin Hayes: Iraq Needs Jesus

Remember Robin Hayes, the North Carolina congressman who said while introducing John McCain recently that “liberals hate real Americans that work and achieve and believe in God”? Here’s another recent statement by him that you’ll love: First there’s the usual talk of how we’re “winning” over there: “The war in Iraq has got to be…

Video of Voting Machine Changing Votes

With much controversy over allegations that some touch screen voting machines in West Virginia and elsewhere are switching votes from one candidate to another, a county clerk tries to demonstrate how well the system works and ends up showing that even after recalibrating the machines, they still don’t work right:

Joe the Plumber is rapidly becoming the Kevin Federline of politics, the guy you watch embarrass himself and then can’t wait for his 15 minutes of fame to be over so he can slide into a well deserved obscurity. Even Shep Smith of Fox News can’t believe how stupid the guy is in the video…

Obama and Redistribution of Wealth

The McCain campaign and many prominent conservatives are working overtime on painting Barack Obama as a socialist. They cite Obama’s now-infamous comments to the even more infamous Joe the Plumber about “spreading the wealth” and now they’re crowing over an interview Obama did in 2001, first reported breathlessly on Drudge, where he talked about “redistributive…

Seed Endorses Obama

The editors of Seed Magazine have officially endorsed Barack Obama for president. I’m happy to report this, but I want to make clear that it is not my endorsement. I think it’s pretty obvious to all my readers that I strongly prefer Obama to McCain, but I do not intend to endorse anyone (and frankly…