Dispatches from the Creation Wars

My colleague Todd Heywood has an article at the Michigan Messenger that documents that two of the recently elected Republican precinct delegates in our state are, in fact, neo-Nazis. One is our old friend Kyle Bristow, former president of the MSU chapter of Young Americans for Freedom, which has rightly been declared a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Since getting that designation in 2007, Bristow has given up anything but the most lame pretense of not being a racist and a white nationalist. When the openly racist Council of Conservative Citizens (nee White Citizens Council) listed his blog as one of the great “pro-white” blog, he not only embraced it, he’s celebrating it. He thanks another neo-Nazi for congratulating them on that designation and calls his blog “excellent.”

The blog he praises, written by Paul Borowicz, is blatantly anti-Semitic. In this post, Borowics praises Nixon for that tired old “Jews run the world” claim he made to Billy Graham during taped conversations. And what a surprise, Bristow does the same thing in a post titled Viva Nixon! In another post he praises another lunatic from Michigan, John Mangopolous, for saying that God sent Katrina to New Orleans to get rid of the gays and that if he was God, he would do far more than that. Yet Bristow still likes to pretend that it’s a slander to call him a neo-Nazi. Sorry Kyle, it’s what you are.

There’s far more evidence than that, of course. Bristow invited other neo-Nazis to speak at MSU and in the surrounding area the last few years. They include Nick Griffin of the British Nationalist Party, who advocates throwing all non-whites and non-Europeans out of the UK, and Preston Wiginton, who brags on the Stormfront website about “stomping muds” (darkskinned people, of course) when they try to “seduce our girls.” But it’s so unfair when you call these guys nazis!

The other recently elected delegate is Randy Gray, who spoke last year at a rally put on by white supremacist Hal Turner.

One thing I’ve learned over the last year, and it really surprised me, is that there’s a much deeper pocket of such people in this country than I ever imagined. And they aren’t just hiding in the shadows, they’re in mainstream society and in positions of authority. I’ve watched the author of that article, who has become a good friend, be targeted repeatedly by the Army of God and nazi thugs. There’s a lot more of these cretins around than I ever thought. And that should scare the hell out of us all.