Dispatches from the Creation Wars

God Told Bachmann to Run

The Minnesota Independent has an article about Rep. Michelle Bachmann and a speech she gave at a prosperity gospel church (read: scam moneymaking operation) in that state. It turns out God has endorsed Bachmann as a legislator:

Twenty-two months ago, He called me to run for United States Congress. And my husband thought, you need to do this. This is a big deal to do something like this. So we set aside three days where we fasted and we prayed, and long about the afternoon of day two, we knew. We knew that we knew that we knew. This was it. And so we jumped in, and little did we know that out of 435 seats for Congress, this race would turn in to being one of the top three in the country. And that how this race turns will probably determine what majority is in Congress this fall.

I think God just violated IRS rules. The rest of the speech was standard issue religio-babble:

We are sitting right now at a time in our history when we’re going to be dealing with some of the most important issues of our time. Number one being, which your pastor is going to be talking about in the next few weeks, radical Islam. How will our nation deal with this threat of radical Islam? There’s so much at stake, but we listen to the Lord and we decide we’re going to suit up, we’re going to sign up, we’re going to be hot for God, and we’re going to do what He is calling us to do! And we’re going to watch out and see what He is going to perform in our midst.

And that’s what it’s all about when He makes our calling sure. It isn’t about us. It’s about Him. And it’s about freeing each one of us up to do His will for His glory so that He will be magnified! And that’s His calling. It’s sure. I commend to you to listen carefully to the truth of His word that He will bless you with as your pastor comes and speaks to you this morning.

Pat Robertson said God told him to run for president in 1988 too. I guess God wanted to see Pat make a fool of himself. In fact, he seems to do that quite often.