Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Farah: Break Up America!

Just when you think Worldnutdaily founder Joseph Farah can’t get any more unhinged, he writes a column like this calling for the United States to break up. Predictably, it’s full of idiotic claims. I especially like this one:

Frankly, I don’t see a way to unite a people as divided as Americans are today. We are trying to pretend we’re one nation when we are really two.

One of those two nations clings to the promises and covenants of the past, the Bible, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, as the guiding principles. The other believes in and lives with no immutable standards.

It’s not a Republican vs. Democrat split – as the current election illustrates. I know many Republicans would find themselves more comfortable in the country of no standards. I also suspect many Democrats would actually find themselves more at home in the nation of the Bible, Declaration and Constitution.

Aw come on, Joe; what did that poor straw man that you’re beating up ever do to you? This is back to that ridiculous right wing notion that anyone who doesn’t believe in them doesn’t have any standards or rule. But all that really means is that there are people who value liberty more than authoritarianism and the imposition of narrow, bigoted religious declarations on those who don’t agree with those declarations.

My vision of the world is one in perfect harmony with the Bible, the Declaration and the Constitution. But these standards have been run over, obscured, distorted, demolished, nullified, undone, vandalized. Since, historically, it was the Bible, the Declaration and the Constitution that held us together, what binds us today? Shouldn’t those of us who upheld the commitment to those standards have the right, in fact, the duty, to separate ourselves from those who have gutted them?

I’m all for the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Funny, though, the Bible isn’t mentioned anywhere in either of those documents, nor are there any serious ideas found in either the Declaration or the Constitution that are also found in the Bible.