Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Chris Rodda Meets David Barton

Or, the Devil Went Up to Jersey. Chris Rodda got to meet David Barton and give him a copy of her book Liars for Jesus. He apparently was not pleased:

After Barton got done spewing his usual Christian nation crap, and telling the audience how important is is to vote “Christian,” he took a seat near the side of the stage. As the band was playing a song to close the service, I figured it might be my only chance to approach Barton, so I did. One of my friends caught that with my video camera as she was walking out a door into the bookstore part of the church. I then went out to get my camera from my friend, and started to walk back in, but didn’t get more than a foot or two past the door before being spotted by a formidable looking guy sitting behind Barton, who got up and came towards me, asking if there was anything he could help me with. I said no, to which he replied, “Anything I could pray for you about?” Looked like I wasn’t getting back in, so I left.

And there’s video: