Dispatches from the Creation Wars

Yeah, She’ll Run a Fair Election

This week’s batshit crazy local official is Jill Jackson of Jackson County, Indiana. She’s the county clerk, which means she runs the elections in that county.

A Republican county clerk distributed to two employees an Internet blog posting referring to Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama as a “young, black Adolf Hitler.”…

The employees, who had voted for Obama in the Democratic primary, discovered the printouts at their desks after returning from Labor Day weekend, sheriff’s Deputy Doug Cox said in a police report made public this week. A surveillance video showed Jackson placing an item on one worker’s desk, he said.

And here comes the predictable “I didn’t intend to offend anyone” non-apology:

Jackson told The Associated Press that she was merely passing along an item that already was circulating in the office.

“There was no motive, no intent,” she said. “I never intended to offend anyone.”

Which leaves one option: you’re such a moron that it never occurred to you that A) it would offend someone and B) it was about as inappropriate as it could possibly be for an elections official to be handing out things like that.