Dispatches from the Creation Wars

O’Reilly’s Electoral Map

This is absolutely hilarious. Markos provides a picture of Bill O’Reilly’s electoral map (see the original here). Picture below the fold.


The blue states are ones he thinks are safely in Obama’s favor, the red states in McCain’s favor and the rest are “up for grabs.” Here are the average polls in some of those “up for grabs” states on his map:

Pennsylvania: +11 for Obama
Iowa: +11.4 for Obama
Virginia: +7.6 for Obama
Wisconsin: +10.6 for Obama
Minnesota: +10.8 for Obama
Oregon: +15.2 for Obama
Colorado: +7.2 for Obama
New Mexico: +7.4 for Obama
New Hampshire: +12.6 for Obama
Michigan: +15.5 for Obama

And the average in some of those solidly red states:

Indiana: +1.4 for Obama
North Carolina: +1.3 for Obama
Montana: +3.4 for McCain
Georgia: +4.2 for McCain

So by O’Reilly’s “reasoning” if Obama is leading by more than 7 points, those are toss up states. And if he’s only leading by 1 or 2 points, those are clearly going to McCain. I love Bill O’Reilly. If you had to invent a character as ridiculous as him, you couldn’t do it. No one would believe it. Welcome to the no brain zone.