Dispatches from the Creation Wars

MSU YAFers Spew Hate and Racism

My first night in DC, I stayed at the home of one of my oldest and dearest friends. It just so happens that in the mid-late 80s, he was the leader of the MSU chapter of Young Americans for Freedom. When I told him about that YAF chapter now becoming a loathsome group of neo-nazi wannabes, he was rather displeased by that. Can’t say as I blame him. At the YAF blog, Spartan Spectator, Kyle Bristow and his cronies are, predictably, spewing all kinds of hate and racism over Barack Obama’s election.

He cheers one of his fellow fascists for assaulting someone protesting against Prop 8 in California. He cheers an Austrian journalist for saying that Obama’s election is bad because “blacks aren’t as politically civilized.” He quotes Nick Griffin, the British fascist who wants all non-whites and non-Europeans expelled from the UK (he also brought Griffin in to speak at MSU) about Obama’s election.

He calls Obama a “socialist, Islamic negro” and implies that a violent revolution is needed to overthrow the government. Then he posts and cheers this godawful video by some terrible Christian singer that includes, among the images of horrible things, a mixed race couple.

I notice the singer is wearing a black cowboy hat, which is the symbol Bristow and his merry band of idiots has chosen for themselves. And then just for good measure, he waxes eloquent about the good old days of George Wallace and how he represented real hope and change.